Michael J. Coffey

Game Design/Dev, Business Coach


About Me

I am a Swiss army knife for small game studios. With experience in editing, tabletop roleplaying game publishing, and gameplay design, I'm mostly centered in level design skills.

However, I also have experience with business operations, having been a founder and board member of Rubicon Games, a Business Assistance Officer for the Washington Women's Business Center, and a marketing and entrepreneurship instructor at both Seattle Central College and the Seattle Public Library.

I've been learning C# for game development in Unity. I still have more to learn, but I can build a complete game, and can translate between more specialized developers and non-developers. I love the interesection of games and learning, and using games to develop pro-social behavior. I also love how psychology ties to these themes as well.

I'm currently looking for part-time/contract work as I finish the school year as a part-time math teacher. I'm learning procedural terrain generation, and in the process of polishing a game for release on Steam.